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When you plan a Holiday in Sri Lanka it is important to know what a tourist making a holiday in Sri Lanka would need to know. That's why we "Don Voyage" provide the Holidaymaker with useful tips and information to make ones holiday in Sri Lanka a fantastic and memorable one.
A holiday in Sri Lanka has become every ones dream since Sri Lanka despite it’s size has so much to offer and we facilitate holidays in Sri Lanka which are often tailor made to suite the requirement of the visitor.
Given below are information for you who wish to make a holiday in Sri Lanka so that your holiday in Sri Lanka will be better planned.

Sri Lanka Holiday Map
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Sri Lanka Map


Size 65,610 sq km
Capital Sri Jayawardenapura
Commecial Capital Colombo.
Annual per capita GNP US $ 841
Population 19 million
Population density 309 people per sq km
Life expectancy at Birth 74 female, 69 male
Literacy rate 91.8 %
Languages Sinhala, Tamil, English
English is widely spoken throughout Sri Lanka with the exception of remote villages.
Ethnic mix
Sinhalese, 74 percent;, 18 percent ;Muslims, 7 percent; Burghers and others 1 percent in Sri Lanka


Lowlands tropical,average27º C

Central Hills

Cooler,with temperatures dropping to 14º C.The south-west monsoon brings rain to the western, southern and central regions from may to july,while the north - eastern monsoon occurs in the north and east in December and January. Sri Lanka boasts a good climate for holiday-makers throughout the year.
Cuurency Sri Lankan Rupee
Sri Lanka Holiday Shopping Malls
Crescat Boulevard
Colombo 03
Majestic City
Colombo 04
Liberty Plaza
Colombo 03
Sri Lanka Apparel shops
ODEL Unlimited    
House of Fashion    
Night Clubs
Blue Elephant Colombo Hilton  
Little Hut Mount Lavinia  
Blue Leopard Grand Oriental Hotel  
The Garage Kandy  
Legends Majestic City  
Discotheques / Karaoke Bars
Hotel Hilton Colombo  
Hotel Taj Samudra Colombo  
Rohans Colombo  
Sri Lanka Restaurants
Jade Gardens Havelock Road, Colombo  
Kinjou 33 Amarasekera Mw, Colombo
011 2589477
Long Feng Trans Asia
011 2544200
Golden Dragon Taj Samudra Hotel
011 2446622
Mandarin Palace Longden Palce, Colombo 07  
Emperors Hilton Colombo
011 2544644
Paradise Road Colombo  
Cricket Club Colombo  
Jade Gardens  
011 2580678
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