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An important part of a successful Ayurveda therapy is being completely removed from the environment and accompanying stress of your daily routine.
A properly applied Ayurveda treatment helps to eliminate many chronic diseases. Remarkable success is achieved in the alleviation of Rheumatic ailments, Arthritis, Muscular Tension, limited physical motion, Nervous Tension, Fatigue, Migraine and other headaches, High Blood Pressure, Depression, Chronic Inflammation as well as Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract infections, low resistance to the Common Cold, Diseases of the skin, Asthma, ailments of the Digestive System and Obesity and Nicotine Addiction.

Vishesha Sharia Abyanga ( Synchronous - Intensive - Massage Treatment)
Two Therapists synchronously apply a full body massage. This massage strengthens skin and tissue as well as the Lymphatic - and Immune System while you experience deep relaxation and harmony.

Siirodara (Oil Stream Head Treatment )
Tepid Ayurveda oil flows gently and continuously on to the forehead. This treatment is applied mostly in the cases of Headaches, Depression and Insomnia resulting in relaxation of mind and body.
Vashpa Sweda ( Herbal Steam Bath )
Selected, fresh and dried herbs from mother nature are used as the base for this steam bath. The medicinal steam from this concoction cause the expansion of the capillaries and tissue folds, thus promoting discharge of toxins and waste products (impurities) through the skin.
Vishesha Prathikara ( Special Therapy)
Our Leading therapist prescribes a special therapeutic treatment depending on the type and severity of the ailment. These are specifically designed for each individual and consist selected herbal preparations and Ayurvedic oils.
Accupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
This is one of the oldest traditional Chinese healing methods. On special request our well trained and experienced physicians are available to provide this treatment.
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